family Law

We are happy to assist our clients in the event of marriage or the birth of children, especially in the event of separation and divorce. In the area of ​​international family law, we advise, among other things, on bilateral marriages and marriages with foreign citizens. We draw up prenuptial agreements that completely simplify the divorce process in such proceedings. With regard to bilateral marriages and divorces, our law firm also takes foreign law into account thanks to its own expertise. For years, the Popal law firm has been handling divorces involving Turkish, Iranian, Afghan or Egyptian parties. The law firm has more than 20 years of experience in this regard. Ms. Popal also advises her clients in foreign languages, including English and Turkish. We are particularly competent in the areas of custody, visitation rights, child and spousal support, pension entitlements and distribution of assets and household effects. You can trust the expertise of our law firm in this area; our experience is particularly trustworthy.

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